Application Possibilities and Limitations

Application Possibilities and Limitations by using LACO coating units
Printing Material \Substrates Silk matte coating Protective coating Gloss coating double-sided High Gloss coating one-sided Drip-Off coating UV-coating + Hybrid coating
Label Paper < 100 g/m² possible with limitations possible with limitations not possible not possible not possible possible
Paper 115 - 170 g/m² possible possible not possible possible with limitations possible with limitations possible
Paper > 170 g/m² possible possible possible possible possible possible
Board/Carton > 250 g/m² possible possible possible possible possible possible
Plastic Materials not possible not possible not possible not possible not possible possible
Apart from the UV-coatings in the last column of the table, the above mentioned coatings are all water based Dispersion

If the application is stated as "possible with limitations" it is recommended to use a special coating and/or the additional
use of an IR-dryer, to support/increase the drying of the water based coatings.

Furthermore the application of deep dull/matte coatings will be usually difficult or impossible as a roller coater will
create surface roughness due to the nature of the roller applications which built a structure in the coatings and this structure
can usually be seen after the drying of the coating is finished such as stripes or stains in the dull/matte coating surface.
Pouring a coating additive like wetting agent into a matte coating may help but is not always necessarily the solution to solve
such problems. Tests must been carried out before the start of commercial printing and coating jobs. Metallized and matte
Dispersion coatings can be applied safely and successfully on chamber blad anilox tower coating units.

The application of metallized coatings (for example pearlescent coatings) is not possible on a
LACO inline coating
unit because this is a 3-roller system without chamber blade and anilox roller.

On light weight paper, a difficult Production of coating jobs with water based coatings must be expected because the
risk of a paper dimension change is increasing due to the water absorption into the Substrate/Material and swelling up of the
paper fibres therefore. In such cases special coatings have to been used (for example a special label coating with reduced
amount of water containing in the coating formulation). For example: A double side application of Standard gloss coating on
135 g/m² Paper is not possible. In this case, a water reduced coating should be applied, which usually has a lower gloss level.

An UV-coating application on light weight Materials/Substrates should be easily possible without problems because
UV-coatings do not contain water and are therefore trouble free to apply on thin papers. Limitations are give due to the nature
of conveyor UV-dryers creating sometimes problems when the paper gets transferred from the Grippers of the press to the
vacuum supported conveyor belt of the UV-dryer. A reduced speed of the conveyor belt could help to solve such problems
which means that the production speed is lower/more slowly as well.

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