All coating units are built of corrosion-free anodised Aluminium parts with stainless steel rollers. Through the
electro-mechanical connection to the Plus-Version drive of the Heidelberg printing press, an absolute synchronized
production with the printing press is guaranteed. The roller coverings are resistant against UV-coatings, therefore a
production with all suitable water based an UV-coatings is possible without modification of the coating unit.
Through an additional rubber blanket cylinder (which is part of the coating unit system) according coatings get applied
in the same sheet passage with the printing process inline. 

The coating application amounts are continuously adjustable from 1-10 g/m².

Since more than 20 years of experience in coating unit manufacturing, our machines made in conventional 3-roller
construction are proven in many countries worldwide. 

During a production with a coating, the coating unit will be driven though the numbering drive (Plus Version) of
the Heidelberg press. As soon as the press stops, a self-drive motor get automatically switched on to keep the rollers
inside the coating unit in rotation to prevent a drying of water based coatings on the rollers.

LACO 52 Coating Units
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