- The LACO IR/hot air combination-dryer is a high quality product for all Heidelberg GTO 52, Printmaster PM 52 and 
  Speedmaster SM 52 printing presses with low pile delivery, to achieve an efficient and high drying speed of water based 
and to support the drying of printing inks through reducing the drying time (conventional, mineral oil based
  inks and/or IR-inks). The
LACO IR-dryer will be installed into the delivery of the regarding Heidelberg press.
- The application of spray powder can be reduced due to the improved drying of applied water based coatings. Inks can
  dry up to 50 % faster than without an IR-dryer, as the infrared waves support an easier film building process and a faster
  evaporation and penetration of volatile components of oil based printing inks. This guarantees a safer production of
  coated and printed sheets
as well as longer cleaning intervals of the press due to an obvious lower soiling of the printing
  press with spray powder.

- An earlier possibility of perfecting and processing after the printing and coating production increases the productivity
  of the regarding Heidelberg presses and reduces the required space for piles which have to be stored for drying, as it is not
  necessary to wait over night until the printed and coated piles can be perfected.

LACO IR-Dryer for Heidelberg Sheet-feed Offset presses with
low pile delivery

Features of the LACO IR-Dryer
Technical Parameters of the LACO IR-dryer
- LACO IR-dryer equipped with 4 short-wave IR-lamps with 2,5 - 4 kW performance, at a light frequency of about 1.2 µm with
  integrated cool air supply and hot air exhaust in a corrosion-free aluminium housing wiht special fitting of the IR-lamps to
  make a quick change of the IR-lamps possible.
- Fans/electrical control box unit includes high-powered fans to feed the IR-lamps with cool air and to extract excessive
  hot air, spray powder, water steam (from water based coatings) and solvents (from inks) out of the delivery through a filter
  which is installed on top of the fans unit to clean the exhaust vapor from the dryer as well as to reducing noise. Thus
  replacing the need for external ducting. The fans unit contains the electrical and electronic controls also.

- Control unit in an aluminium housing mounted at the control box unit to control the dryer with:

     - fault indicator for the IR-lamps with LED`s and warning signal

     - control of the IR-performance with LED indicator in %

     - on/off switch for the IR-lamps with "in operation" indicator

Technical specifications

- voltage: 380/400 V - 3 phases, neutral, earth
- Total performance of IR-dryer: 6 KW
- in feed / extract airflow of the IR-dryer: 70 Nm³ per h / 430 Nm³ per h
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